Milyen bátor nők – jegyeztem meg magamban, amikor végig néztem annak az Instagram-oldalnak a fotóit, ahová nők százai küldenek képet arról, hogy néz ki a testük szülés után.

Aztán belegondoltam, fura „lebátrazni” valakiket, akik végül is csak felvállalják magukat teljes valójukban. A mozgalommá duzzadt oldal különben azzal a szándékkal indult, hogy erősítse a nők önbizalmát.

Hálás vagyok nekik, hogy megmutatják, milyen a valódi szépség, milyen a valódi test, milyen sokszínűek vagyunk. Ahogy azért is hálás vagyok, hogy megtapasztalhatom: végre nem tabusítják a szülés utáni testet, hanem felszabadítják a tabuk alól.

Persze elsőre sokkoló a látvány, és jó pár önző gondolat átfut a fejemben arról, hogy elbúcsúzhatok majd a jelenlegi alakomtól, meg arra is, hogy ez milyen igazságtalanság a természettől. Persze… ez hülyeség.

Vérlázító, hogy úgy nőttek fel generációk, hogy mindent kijavítottunk, ami a tökéletesen szimmetrikus szépségtől eltér: retusálunk, idealizálunk. Elrejtjük egyrészes fürdőruha alá, hosszú lebernyeggel fedjük el, mert nem illő mutatni sem a szülés utáni csíkokat, sem egy műtéti heget, sem a plusz kilókat.

Mintha csak az „egymillió feszes seggű modell” világában élnénk. 

Minden egyes kép, ami az őszinteség jegyében születik, segít elbúcsúzni attól az álságos szépségideáltól, amit elénk vetítenek, és amit – lássuk be – sosem érünk el. És ez nem is baj.

A következő fotókat különböző korú, testalkatú nők készítették magukról, van, akinek az első szülése, van, akinek már a többedik.

1. "This is me one day after giving birth. Belly still swollen from extra fluid, stretched skin and muscles, and a uterus that had grown to the max. I was prepared for that. _ One week later, I left Cubby with my mother. I needed to get out of the house and he was sleeping, so it was better for him to stay. My first solo trip. And just as I was about to enter the Target, I had this overwhelming wave of emotion that I was so very much not prepared for. _ I was totally alone. I started crying. _ For ten months, I'd carried this soul inside me. Felt my baby kick, laughed and talked and sung to him. We ate together, we slept together, we were completely and utterly one. _ And now I was walking into the Target all by myself with my round postpartum belly but with no baby in it. . I felt empty. _ I would reach down absentmindedly to touch my belly, to have that connection I'd once felt but that squishy belly was far from the one I'd had just a week prior that was bursting with life. _ The belly never bothered me. The loneliness did. _ Some people will say that having a baby is like having a piece of your heart outside your body. _ Not for me. I never really notice my heart. For me it felt more like a limb was missing, like I had forgotten to put on clothes, or that feeling when you can't find your wallet. I was exposed and vulnerable. _ Watching that belly fade was like losing a memory. _ Maybe that's why nature wants us to keep our young close, why they so perfectly curve into us when we hold them, why we feel like something is off when they aren't around. _ Just maybe it's so that at least a little bit of that memory remains."💫 @loveofalittleone . . . . Shared with permission. Words and image belong to @loveofalittleone. #pregnancy #pregnant #breastfeeding #birthuncensored #thisisbirth #breastfeedingsupport #babybump #thisismotherhood #birth #baby #newborn #postpartumsupport #normalizebreastfeeding #postpartum #breastfeeding #pumpingmom #4thtrimester #birthwithoutfear #homebirth #bornathome #newmom #parenting #momlife #postpartumbelly #lifewithbaby #vegan #motherhood #takebackpostpartum

2. "This is a rare picture of me, doing my thang, trying to get ready #momlife #pumplife. How many of you mamas are pros at juggling multiple tasks? Cause I'm not 😪 hence why my bathroom is messy, closet is unorganized, but this is real life. Real life is messy and not social media perfection and THATS OKAT. _ Also, can we talk about how cute my 6 week postpartum tummy is? There was a baby in there and I'm squishy and I love it." @sakuramama_ #postpartum #postpartumbody #takebackpostpartum


"When I was pregnant with Paisley, there was always one thing that I would obsess about that scared me more than giving birth for the first time, #postpartum #depression. I would lay awake at night in fear of what emotions I would have after having her. Would I love her? Would I hate her? Would I feel resentment for what my body just went through? These are all very real thoughts that I had and I couldn't get them out of my head. After dealing with depression and #anxiety my entire life, I was certain that going through it postpartum was inevitable. Then I had her and I felt....fine. In fact, I felt better than I had in my entire life. I felt happy and strong and powerful like I had just done something no other human ever could. Maybe it was just the #oxytocin talking but it was a feeling like I was floating on a cloud. Then days and weeks and months went by and the exhaustion finally set in. Around 6 months postpartum I started feeling defeated. Like if I didn't get some kind of break soon then I would end up breaking myself. I remember sitting in my truck, tears streaming down my face because Paisley did a number of things that day that made me question whether or not I was a good mom. I felt this way for a couple weeks and then I finally was able to pull myself out of it. I'm not a doctor so I'm not sure if it was #PPD or not, but what I do know is that whatever you're going through be it exhaustion, PPD, #PPA or even just feeling tired-you are GOING to get through this. Ask someone for help. Tell them you need their support. Take some time to practice self love and self care. You can't pour from an empty glass. I know it's hard, but you aren't alone and you should never feel like you aren't worthy enough to get the help you need. You are beyond worthy. You are the warrior goddess Mama that birthed that beautiful baby and you deserve every ounce of support and love that you can get. Don't give up." 🦋 @chloeandpaisley . . . Image belongs to the person tagged. Do not alter or use without their permission. #postpartum #birthwithoutfear #takebackpostpartum #motherhood #selflove #selfcare

4. One whole week of loving you, Eva Ruby, and what an incredible week it's been." What was your first week #postpartum like? 📷 . . . Image belongs to the person tagged. Do not alter or use without their permission. #postpartumjourney #reallife #momlife #birthwithoutfear #takebackpostpartum #selflove 5. Was it what you expected or nah? "Breastfeeding is harder than anyone told me it'd be. It's been almost a month since he's been out in the world and we are still figuring it out together. It's exhausting, overwhelming and at the same time relaxing and bonding. I cannot tell you how many times I cried over Ozzy while he was trying to nurse at the beginning. Now if he could start packing the pounds as expected it'd be great!" @conz . . . Image belongs to the person tagged. Do not alter or use without their permission. #postpartum #reallife #momlife #birthwithoutfear #takebackpostpartum #breastfeedwithoutfear 6. "Love love love fresh postpartum bellies! 😍 How can a postpartum body be anything but magnificent?! If you can find beauty in another woman's body then why not your own? We all share the same energy, beauty, and magic even if it's form uniquely varies a bit." -January Harshe . Image of @thesimplefolk_ by @catfancote.capturingbirth via @australianbirthstories! . Image belongs to the person tagged. Do not alter or use without their permission. #postpartum #reallife #momlife #birthwithoutfear #takebackpostpartum #januaryharshe 7. "STRONG AS A MOTHER. 💪🏼💜 I will never understand why women are made out to be so fragile and dainty. WOMEN ARE STRONG AF. And mothers, mothers are the strongest people on this planet. _ Strong enough to surrender your body to grow another human for 9 months. _ Strong enough to go through the most unimaginable pain to bring that life into this world. _ Strong enough to put that life, or two, or seven before your own. _ Strong enough to surrender your breasts to sustain the life of another. _ Strong enough to be loving and understanding when you have gone 3 nights without more than 3 hours of sleep. _ Strong enough to thrive on nothing but lukewarm coffee all day. _ Strong enough to keep a home running and a career thriving OR BOTH. _ Strong enough to be a single mother. _ Strong enough to keep going and do it all over again every single day. _ There is nothing in this world quite like the strength and love of a mother. We truly a miraculous and wonderful breed of women."💜 @natthenaturalmom . . . . Image belongs to the person tagged. Do not alter or use without their permission. #postpartum #reallife #momlife #birthwithoutfear #takebackpostpartum 8. "To all the women today who are mamas - you are stunning. Wear your stripes proudly. May our daughters only hear us speak positively about our bodies and how they've changed because we carried them. May they be raised in households where they are delighted in, celebrated, and cherished always and not based on their outward appearance. Speak life into their hearts." ❤️ @jenn.newm . . . Image belongs to the person tagged. Do not alter or use without their permission. #postpartum #reallife #momlife #birthwithoutfear #takebackpostpartum #postpartumbody 9. Cradled on top of what was her home for nine months. 💛 @abbrosy #postpartumbody #takebackpostpartum 10. "Well, I know a lot of you guys are probably thinking 'why would she post this picture', but, it took me 18 months to get here, 18 months to not cry when I look in the mirror, 18 months to finally feel beautiful in my own skin again! No one warns you about the dark sides of motherhood and pregnancy.. no one gives you a heads up on how much you change physically and mentally after you become a mother. It's been a long and hard postpartum ride for me.. 18 months after my first son and 5 months after my second son I feel like I can finally see the light ✨ and it genuinely feels amazing. 💖 Cheers to you mamas who are battling postpartum depression and still getting up everyday for your children! Cheers to you mamas who still cry about the marks on your skin from birthing your perfect babies! Cheer to motherhood, cheers to knowing that this too shall pass! And things will get better." 💗 @alexandrabrea_ ©2017 by Alexandra Kilmurray All rights reserved _ #motherhood #postpartum #postpartumdepression #babies #takebackpostpartum 11. "This is postpartum. My body is soft around. My squishy belly still remembering how it grew, nourished, and held this babe only weeks ago and two babies before that. Still holding space for that sacred after-time. Breast full of milk, full of life, full of gold. A heart drunk with love. This is my postpartum." @didasundet #takebackpostpartum 12. "HUGE BOOBS, SQUISHY BELLY, FULL HEART. The female body is freaking amazing you guys! Watching it grow and shrink and stretch is nothing short of miraculous, and yet there is so much pressure for things to "go back to normal" after baby. NEWS FLASH: you don't "go back" to anything. Your body is forever changed, and that's a beautiful thing. _ This time last week I still had a 9+LB baby in my belly. My pregnancy and birth experiences have given me so much appreciation for a body that I HATED for most my life. Today I feel like a damn superhero 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 PS- who else loves mesh panties? Seriously, they're awesome." 🙊🤣🙃 @britteanderson #birthwithoutfear #takebackpostpartum 13. This is one week postpartum. Reminder: there are just as many variations of normal postpartum as there are during pregnancy and birth. 📷:@the_hollytree c/o @expectful #takebackpostpartum 14. "No more bump shots so me and Margot have had a little selfie instead. One week postpartum and I can honestly say it's been a lot harder than I ever thought. After having an emergency c-section and delivering Nellie 3 months early I though our full term, planned section would be a breeze. Well in no way have I "bounced back" like I did with Nellie. Will my belly button always look like a cats bum hole? 😆 It's been a lot easier emotionally but I still cry at least once a day over absolutely nothing and man my poor boobies are running like taps, everything is soaked in breast milk, Margot loves a comfort feed so I've spent the last 7 days with her hanging of my nipple whilst contending with Nellie and now this silly blood pressure problem. How an earth do you mummas with more than two do it? Not that I would have it any other way, I'm still utterly and blissfully in baby paradise. There really is nothing I'd rather be doing than mothering my two girls." @sageandnellie . . . #postpartum #1weekold #1weekpostpartum #4thtrimester #newborn #babygirl #toddlermum #mumoftwo #takebackpostpartum 15.

"I remember when I had my first baby at 25 I was so worried about people thinking I was 'fat' after, of all the things?! I was so young and naive, not able to comprehend the beauty that my body had just accomplished. 5 pregnancies, 1 vaginal delivery, 3 c-sections later, I finally get it. I see the human body in a different light, I see myself in a different light. I have curves in new places, bumps and lumps and scars. Scars some would view as 'ugly'. I grew tiny little perfect people. I'm able to nourish and feed from my own body. _ I asked my husband what he thought of my scar. His first response, 'I don't even see it'. He continued with 'if anything I look at it and see all that you went through to give us our family' Find a person that's good and true, that sees you and only you. I'll never know how I got so lucky but I'm thankful every day. _ Lastly, I feel like there's so much controversy over natural births, c-sections, v-bacs, nursing or formula fed. So much judgement. All that truly matters is that mom and baby are safe and healthy, that there is an abundance of love and we're giving this life our best. Being a mother is hard enough, why divide ourselves? Why compare? There are days I struggle to get out of bed, stay in sweats, yell at my toddlers all day and I order pizza for dinner. There are days I put make up on, get dressed and feel like I can take on the world...until about noon and I realize, this shits hard, when's nap time. We're all just taking it day by day. I'm just glad I'm finally able to find comfort in my own skin. To find appreciation and growth. I hope if you're going through all the new phases of motherhood, you're able to find strength and give yourself grace. You're able to see how beautiful you are. Bringing life in to this world; mothering is such a magical gift.Never underestimate the power of a woman." ✨ @littlewhale3 _ #solidarity #birthwithoutfear #takebackpostpartum #10dayspostpartum #csectionrecovery #uniteinmotherhood #selflove #relaxyouseemoreinabathingsuitpost #mymomwillstillfreakwhenshestalksmyinstagram #normalizebreastfeeding

16. "A truly sacred moment of rare stillness and intimate closeness between a freshly postpartum woman, her nursing newborn and her 2 older boys." @ellianagilbertphotography #takebackpostpartum


"I may be a little softer but ultimately I am stronger and these marks just remind me of where I once tightly held and grew Emilia Ren. This body, ME, I may not be the same but if she can find so much comfort and safety in this body, I will as well." @whenalexsmiles ❤️ #3weekspostpartum #takebackpostpartum

18. This looks like a painting! It should be titled "the postpartum family" in hopes we can all have this love through the chaos and newness. I'd love to see a series of different families for #variationsofnormal of "the postpartum family"! 💙 Image by @ellianagilbertphotography. #dontforgetdads #birthwithoutfear #takebackpostpartum

19. "Time will push you to your limits, faster than you want it to, aging you in ways that make you ache, slow down, grow tired and weak. Laugh. Walk. Eat. Drink. Dance. Garden. Skip. Make an effort and stop time. Stand beneath a rainshower, let yourself become completely drenched. Nap under a tree, when the rest of the world goes to work. Get on a bicycle and go for a cruise. Drink that wine or milkshake slower than you ever thought you could... savour each drop. _ Babies will suck your energy up. Children will treat your body like a jungle gym, bruising your skin, and pulling your muscles. Jobs will have you sitting indoors for too long. Partners may take you for granted. Friends will be under the illusion that they are too busy for simpler times spent together. Musical instruments will sit in their cases, forgotten. Hair will go unwashed. First dates will be boring and waste your time. Lovers will rip your heart out and put you through emotional hell and back, leaving you gutted, insecure and distrusting. Labor and birth and early motherhood will be painful, hard and depleting; leaving you with a body you may not know so well, or feel so good about. _ The path of adulthood is textured and often, uphill. But. ❤ _ You are incredible. You are soft, and precious. Giving, and nurturing. Beautiful and sensual. _ 🔥❤You are worth honouring.🔥❤You are worth loving.🔥❤Stop for a moment, and love yourself. _ ❤🔥Repeat x infinity. _ IMAGE AND WORDS BY @elliana_allon. . . . . Image belongs to the person tagged. Do not alter or use without their permission. #postpartum #reallife #momlife #birthwithoutfear #takebackpostpartum

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